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DGA Statement on Scott Jensen’s Victory at the Minnesota GOP Convention

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DGA Executive Noam Lee released the following statement on Scott Jensen becoming the presumptive Republican nominee for Minnesota governor after receiving the Minnesota Republican Party’s endorsement at the state GOP convention:

“Scott Jensen’s radical stance on abortion, his COVID denialism, and his dangerous conspiracy theories on the 2020 election are all too extreme for Minnesota.”

“Jensen has no interest in uniting Minnesotans around common values like providing quality education for kids, creating good-paying jobs and safer communities — all Jensen can do is distract and divide. In just the last two weeks, Jensen’s top priorities have been calling for an all-out ban on abortion and threatening to jail elected officials.

“Gov. Tim Walz, meanwhile, continues to work together with people from all corners of the state to build a better Minnesota. The choice facing Minnesotans this November between Gov. Walz’s responsible, steady leadership and Jensen’s chaos and extremism couldn’t be clearer.”