DGA Statement on Ron DeSantis Becoming the Republican Nominee for Florida Governor

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DGA Executive Director Noam Lee released the following statement on Ron DeSantis securing the Republican gubernatorial nomination in Florida:

“Ron DeSantis only cares about promoting himself and punishing anyone who disagrees with him, while Florida families get left behind. Floridians are hurting from some of the highest housing and health care costs in the country, but DeSantis spends his time attacking businesses who speak out against him, threatening public schools and censoring teachers, and even suspending an elected state attorney who refused to throw doctors in jail to enforce DeSantis’ dangerous abortion ban with no exceptions for rape or incest.

“Floridians deserve a governor who will bring people together to finally expand Medicaid, address the housing crisis, and protect reproductive rights — instead of waging one divisive culture war after another. The best way to protect freedom in Florida is to vote out DeSantis this November, and we look forward to continuing holding him accountable every step of the way.”