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DGA Statement on Richard Cordray’s Primary Victory in Ohio

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Tonight, DGA Chairman Jay Inslee released the following statement on Richard Cordray’s primary victory in Ohio:
“Congratulations to Rich Cordray on becoming the Democratic nominee for governor of Ohio,” said Governor Inslee. “Rich Cordray has spent his life fighting for consumers and middle-class families against powerful interests, and that’s how he’s going to govern. Rich Cordray and Betty Sutton’s leadership will help create good-paying jobs, protect access to affordable health care and improve education for all Ohio families.
“Ohio is one of several major pickup opportunities for the DGA this cycle. The next governor will shape critical policy for Ohio families and will hold veto power over the 2021 redistricting maps. Rich Cordray and Betty Sutton are the right ticket to win back Ohio and to grow an economy that benefits all Ohioans.”
The DGA has targeted Ohio as one of 8 initial targets for its Unrig The Map project, a zero-overhead fund to win targeted gubernatorial races that are key to 2021 redistricting.
In March, the DGA’s Unrig the Map project announced an Ohio ad buy of approximately $5 million by a DGA-backed entity. The DGA has also made ad buys in Nevada, Michigan, and Wisconsin.