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DGA Statement on RGA Anti-COVID Relief Ad

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The Republican Governors Association has released an advertisement opposing the popular bipartisan American Rescue Plan.

Democratic Governors Association Executive Director Noam Lee released the following statement:

“Republicans are coming out against a plan with massive bipartisan support that would help our country move towards recovery and ending this pandemic. Republican governors are attacking much needed money for public education, teachers, and first responders; stimulus checks for struggling Americans; additional unemployment benefits; and funding for more vaccines. All this after governors from both red and blue states pleaded with the Trump administration for more funding to aid states’ pandemic response to no avail.

“Republican governors’ opposition to this plan is nothing more than a political tactic to get time on cable news and cozy up to Trump and his cronies. It’s clear from this ad that Republican governors care much more about politics than getting desperately-needed aid to their constituents.”

“My sincerest thanks to the RGA for doing our jobs for us.“