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DGA Statement on Republican Runoff in South Carolina

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Today, Democratic Governors Association Executive Director Elisabeth Pearson released the following statement regarding Henry McMaster’s nomination in South Carolina:
“Henry McMaster is a corrupt political insider who represents the worst of Columbia,” said Pearson.“Despite being the sitting governor and having the president’s endorsement, McMaster just barely made it out of his own close primary because even Republicans are fed up with the corruption in the statehouse. This embarrassingly tight runoff proved once again that McMaster is a deeply damaged candidate heading into the general.
“Meanwhile, James Smith is already out on the trail with a united party behind him, sharing his plans to make real change and build a state that works for all South Carolinians. James Smith served his nation in Afghanistan; all that Henry McMaster cares about is serving his cronies in Columbia. South Carolina voters have a clear choice in this election: More of the same corrupt insider politics, or fresh leadership that will finally shake things up in Columbia.”


Republicans on McMaster: “His Name is Synonymous with State House Corruption.” According to The State, “In the first televised debate of the GOP race for governor Wednesday, three of Gov. Henry McMaster’s four challengers did their best to tie McMaster to State House corruption. ‘His name is synonymous with State House corruption,’ said Mount Pleasant attorney Catherine Templeton, thought to be McMaster’s strongest challenger in the June primary. ‘Henry McMaster has had the corrupt good ol’ boys on his payroll for the past 30 years.’ McMaster skipped the College of Charleston debate to campaign in Georgetown but could not escape a flurry of barbs about his relationship with his longtime, former political consultant, Richard Quinn, who was indicted last October as part of the ongoing State House corruption probe.” [The State, 5/17/18]
“Sprawling Public Corruption Investigation Hit Close to Home” for McMaster. According to The State, “A sprawling public corruption investigation hit close to home Wednesday for S.C. Gov. Henry McMaster when his longtime – and former – political adviser, Richard Quinn, was charged with criminal conspiracy. McMaster recently has distanced himself from Quinn, a Columbia political consultant whose firm, Richard Quinn & Associates, has worked for the state’s most powerful politicians and special interests. Quinn has been under investigation for months.” [The State, 10/18/17]
The State Headline: “SC Gov. McMaster’s Former Political Adviser Was Just Indicted. Will That Relationship Dog His Election Hopes?” [The State, 10/18/17]
A Month Before SCANA “Pulled the Plug on the Nuclear Project” the Utility and Its Employees “Poured More than $115,000 Into McMaster’s 2018 Election Campaign.” According to The State, “Then in June – a month before SCANA pulled the plug on the nuclear project – the utility and its employees poured more than $115,000 into McMaster’s 2018 election campaign. The donations made McMaster one of the biggest beneficiaries of SCANA’s political generosity ever. (McMaster has said he will not return the donations.)” [The State, 10/14/17]