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DGA Statement on Proposed Funding Cuts to CHIP

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Today, Washington Gov. and DGA Chair Jay Inslee released the following statement on the possible U.S. House vote next week on the Trump administration’s plan to cut funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program: 
“President Trump’s proposal to slash approximately $7 billion from the Children’s Health Insurance Program would threaten the health of our children and the fiscal stability of our states. This short-sighted proposal is exactly what’s wrong with Washington: putting kids’ health at risk to pay for special interest tax breaks.
“Democratic governors strongly support the CHIP program, which provides 9 million children in all 50 states with the critical health care services they need to stay healthy. The President’s proposed rescissions would undermine Congress’ bipartisan agreement earlier this year to fully fund CHIP for the next decade. 
“CHIP is critical, not only to the health of children and families, but to the stability of our states as well. The CHIP contingency fund provides critical reinforcements in times of crisis and enrollment surges. 
“Democratic governors strongly encourage Congress to keep its commitment to CHIP and reject these dangerous cuts. Congress should stop this mean-spirited attack on children’s health.”