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DGA Statement on Primary Results in Arizona

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“With Arizona Republicans finally finished with their extreme race to the far right, Fred DuVal enters the general election with the momentum required to become Arizona’s next governor. Fred has a real track record of delivering bipartisan results for the middle class and offers a clear vision for an economy that works for everyone. He created jobs as the leader of Clean Energy Fuels and helped lead Arizona’s universities during a period of deep budget cuts. Perhaps most importantly, Fred would bring honest leadership and the highest standard of integrity back to state government.
“In stark contrast, Republican Doug Ducey is a right-wing politician who made millions off failing businesses and left taxpayers with the tab for defaulted loans. While Fred was fighting to protect schools and secure a brighter economic future for students, Ducey and the legislature were massively underfunding K-12 education. Arizona’s middle-class families need a governor who will fight for a stronger and fairer economy, and that’s what they’d get in Fred DuVal.”