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DGA Statement on President Trump’s Unlawful Emergency Declaration

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DGA Chair Gov. Gina Raimondo (RI) and Vice Chair Gov. Phil Murphy (NJ) issued the following statements on President Trump’s unlawful emergency declaration:
“In the past few weeks, Democratic governors from border states have been very clear: President Trump’s wall is unwanted and unnecessary,” said Gov. Raimondo. “The only national emergency right now is the President’s attempt to undermine the Constitution. Democracy requires constant vigilance in order to be maintained and Governors of both parties should condemn this unlawful action. This will not deter Democratic governors from pushing forward to deliver results on the issues that actually matter to most Americans.”
“President Trump’s declaration is an obvious attempt to circumvent the rule of law,” said Gov. Murphy. “The so-called ‘crisis’ at the border is a fabrication being used to justify spending billions of taxpayer dollars to score political points with the President’s core supporters. This President is diverting money that could be used to address Americans’ actual priorities – investing in schools, expanding access to health care, and rebuilding infrastructure. We should come up with solutions to these challenges instead of adopting this reckless policy.”