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DGA Statement on Phil Murphy’s Victory in New Jersey

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DGA Chair Governor Dan Malloy (D-CT) issued the following statement on Phil Murphy’s victory in New Jersey’s gubernatorial race:
“Congratulations to Governor-Elect Phil Murphy. Phil ran an incredible campaign focused on his vision for an economy that works for all Garden State families, and I look forward to working with him. 
“The DGA was proud to invest nearly $4 million and play a key role in picking up this critical seat. New Jersey voters made clear that they are ready to turn the page from 8 years of failed policies and failed leadership in New Jersey. This result points to larger problems for Republicans as they play defense in many open-seat races coming up next year. 
“Today’s election was not just a victory for Governor-Elect Murphy. It was a victory for the nearly 9 million New Jersey residents who will now have a Governor looking out for them: for their education, for their health care, and for their jobs.”
Republicans raised and spent significant money in New Jersey despite Phil Murphy’s strong performance and polling throughout the campaign.  In November 2016, RGA Chairman Scott Walker laid a marker that Republicans expected to compete and win in New Jersey, saying “We think we can do well in both Virginia – where we have a chance for a pickup – and New Jersey in 2017.” This September, RGA Chairman Scott Walker and Governor Christie teamed up to host a fundraiser for Kim Guadagno that netted $2.1 million. On top of that, they’ve spent over $2 million on Guadagno’s behalf.