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DGA Statement on Paul LePage’s Entrance to Maine Governor’s Race

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Yesterday, former GOP Gov. Paul LePage announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for governor of Maine.

Democratic Governors Association Executive Director Noam Lee released the following statement:

“Paul LePage was one of the most unpopular governors in Maine’s history and for good reason. LePage repeatedly blocked access to affordable health care, undermined quality public education, gutted the state’s public health department, and shut down the government. 

“A third term of Paul LePage would drag Maine backward, stall the state’s economic recovery, threaten to rip health care away from hardworking Mainers, cut funding for public schools, and roll back critical protections of Maine’s clean air and water. There’s a reason Maine decided to turn the page on LePage — he was bad at his job then and he would be dangerous now.

“Maine Gov. Janet Mills has been a steady, bipartisan leader who has stood up for Maine people and delivered on her promises to expand access to health care, reinvest in public education, and combat climate change. We look forward to working with Gov. Mills in her second term as she continues to help her state recover from the pandemic.”