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DGA Statement on One Year Anniversary of Inflation Reduction Act

From the Chair’s Desk

DGA Statement on One Year Anniversary of Inflation Reduction Act

DGA Chair New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy released the following statement to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Inflation Reduction Act:

“One year ago, President Joe Biden and Democrats stood up for working families across America and passed the Inflation Reduction Act to cut costs for millions of hardworking Americans.

“Thanks to President Biden’s remarkable leadership, nearly 19 million Americans will save an estimated $400 per year on prescription drugs, and nearly four million seniors on Medicare have started to see their insulin costs capped at $35 per month. Through the IRA, President Biden made the single largest investment in tackling the climate crisis that the United States has ever seen, while simultaneously reducing the deficit and creating a manufacturing boom across America. 

“Democratic governors across the country have been proud to help turn President Biden’s big, bold legislative victories into tangible benefits for working families and I am excited to have President Biden’s back as he continues to get the job done and deliver major results for the American people.