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DGA Statement on North Carolina Republicans’ Extreme Abortion Ban

DGA Statement on North Carolina Republicans’ Extreme Abortion Ban

Democratic Governors Association Executive Director Meghan Meehan-Draper issued the following statement in response to North Carolina Republicans’ vote to override Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of their dangerous abortion ban:

“Despite Republicans’ latest reckless push to make safe, legal abortion harder to access, the fight to protect reproductive freedom in North Carolina is far from over today. If anything, this assault on women’s most fundamental freedoms will only galvanize the majority of North Carolinians who support abortion rights, and give them a reason to turn out next November.

While North Carolinians can trust Gov. Cooper to keep working to restore reproductive rights, all of the Republicans running to replace him are dead-set on restricting abortion access even further — including Lt. Gov Mark Robinson, who has pledged to outlaw exceptions even for victims of rape and incest. We will keep working to hold this entire field of extremists accountable, and ensure that North Carolinians reject their dangerous agenda at the ballot box next fall.”

Today’s vote from Republican politicians ignores the thousands of North Carolinians who rallied over the weekend in support of reproductive freedom, and hundreds of businesses who warned of dire consequences to the state’s economy if this law takes effect.

All of North Carolina’s GOP gubernatorial candidates are unapologetic opponents of reproductive freedom — including Lt. Governor Mark Robinson, who if elected governor would “pass a bill saying you can’t have an abortion in North Carolina for any reason,” and former congressman Mark Walker, expected to launch a campaign this week, who believes that “governments shouldn’t allow abortions under any circumstances.”