DGA Statement on New Jersey Gubernatorial Debate

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Tonight, DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold issued the following statement on New Jersey’s gubernatorial debate: 

“We saw again tonight that Phil Murphy is the right choice to lead New Jersey. He presented a bold vision to make New Jersey’s economy work for middle class families and turn the page from the Christie-Guadagno Administration’s mismanagement.  

“Kim Guadagno, down in the polls and flailing, desperately tried to continue her pivot to Trumpian fear-mongering, but New Jersey won’t be fooled. Voters know Guadagno was “proud” to serve with Chris Christie, downgrading the Garden State’s credit, wrecking its transit and infrastructure, defunding Planned Parenthood, and weakening New Jersey’s schools. 

“The momentum is on Murphy’s side with less than three weeks to go until Election Day, and we look forward to seeing him successfully cross the finish line and win back this key governorship for the Democrats.”