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DGA Statement on Nevada Ethics Commission Report Accusing Gov. Joe Lombardo Of Knowingly Violating Nevada Ethics Laws

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DGA Statement on Nevada Ethics Commission Report Accusing Gov. Joe Lombardo Of Knowingly Violating Nevada Ethics Laws

The Nevada Ethics Commission’s executive director is accusing Joe Lombardo of knowingly violating Nevada ethics law by using his office as sheriff to further his campaign for governor.

As a result, Gov. Joe Lombardo could be facing 68 violations of Nevada ethics law, censure from the Nevada Ethics Commission and fines totaling $1.6 million. In response to the news, the Democratic Governors Association released the following statement:

“This report for the Nevada Ethics Commission makes clear what was obvious from the campaign trail: Joe Lombardo was knowingly and unethically using his taxpayer funded office to further his own political ambition, once again serving himself over the people of Nevada,” said Democratic Governors Association National Press Secretary Devon Cruz. “Gov. Lombardo should be held accountable for his apparent violation of Nevada ethics law, but beyond that, Nevadans deserve a governor who will not break the law to further their own political ambitions.”

Key Excerpts from the Nevada Ethics Commission:

  • “The Undisputed Facts Show Lombardo’s Violations Were Willful”
  • “The Commission has determined that using a uniform and other accouterment of a public officer’s public position to secure an advantage for themselves in a campaign is a serious Ethics Law violation.”
  • “The Commission’s holding is unequivocal—there are no circumstances under which it is appropriate for public officers, such as Lombardo, to use public resources to support their own campaign.”
  • “The vast number of times the uniform and badge were used in campaign materials increases the seriousness of the violation.”
  • “Additionally, Subject made no attempt to rectify his violations of the Ethics Law after he received notice of the Complaints in these matters. Instead, he continued to maintain all the images at issue on his campaign website and social media sites. Not only that, but he produced additional campaign content featuring the use of his uniform and badge all the way through the end of the campaign.”

Read the full report here.