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DGA Statement on National Democratic Redistricting Committee Launch

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DGA Statement on National Democratic Redistricting Committee Launch

Today, Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy, Chair of the Democratic Governors Association and Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, Chair of the DGA’s Unrig the Map project, released the following statements regarding the launch of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee:

“Electing Democratic governors over the next four years can dramatically reshape the country’s political landscape,” said Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy, Democratic Governors Association Chair. “In 2011, Republicans purposefully skewed the lines and rigged the map against the American people. The results have been clear: nearly a decade of Tea Party obstruction in Congress and devastating policies in states across the country. The NDRC’s investments in governors and state races will help fight back against GOP gerrymandering and invest in the future of the Democratic Party.”  

“Governors play a critical role in the redistricting process,” said Gov. McAuliffe. “The path to winning back a long-term Democratic majority in Congress runs through governors’ offices and state houses across the country. With more Democratic governors in office, we can veto bad maps and prevent the GOP from hijacking the country’s redistricting process in 2021.” 

The DGA’s Unrig the Map and the NDRC will collaborate in targeted states over the next four years to elect Democratic governors who can serve as a backstop against GOP gerrymandering in 2021.

The DGA launched Unrig the Map in the summer of 2015 to help position Democratic gubernatorial candidates for success ahead of the 2020 Census. The strategy targets 18 states – highlighted on the map below – where Unrig the Map will work to:

  • Recruit candidates who can compete and win in states across the country;
  • Invest in ongoing campaigns and strategy;
  • Build on-the-ground infrastructure in state parties to ensure institutional support.