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DGA Statement on MT Gov. Greg Gianforte’s Reelection Campaign

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DGA Statement on MT Gov. Greg Gianforte’s Reelection Campaign

DGA Deputy Communications Director Izzi Levy issued the following statement in response to Greg Gianforte announcing that he will run for a second term as governor of Montana:

“After spending the last four years attacking Montanans’ way of life, Gov. Gianforte is launching his reelection campaign less popular and less trusted by the people of his state. Between the housing crisis he has failed to address, the biggest property tax hike in state history under his watch, his attacks on public lands and public education, and his extreme anti-choice agenda, it’s clear Gianforte has turned his back on Montanans. He hasn’t earned a second term, and we look forward to continue proving that over the next several months.”

Gov. Gianforte’s first term in office has been full of controversy and disappointments. In 2023, openly defying the majority of Montana voters who resoundingly rejected abortion restrictions at the ballot box, Gianforte signed a slate of anti-abortion legislation into law, rewriting the constitution and challenging the state Supreme Court to throw out more than twenty years of precedent on this issue.

Since taking office, Gianforte has failed to address the state’s ongoing housing crisis that has priced families out of affordable homes and rentals and has left thousands without options. Gianforte has consistently attacked public lands, including his veto of Senate Bill 442, which was called a “slap in the face to Montana’s public land users.” His 2023 budget called for the largest residential property tax hike in the state’s history, raising costs on Montana families while cutting taxes for the state’s biggest corporations and businesses.