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DGA Statement on Montana Gubernatorial Race

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Democratic Governors Association Deputy Communications Director David Turner released the following statement regarding Montana’s gubernatorial race, following Attorney General Tim Fox’s campaign announcement today:
“In seven years as attorney general, Tim Fox has been little more than a puppet for special interests, using his taxpayer-funded office to fight against everyday Montanans. As attorney general, he tried to block Montana’s Medicaid expansion and then refused to protect 425,000 Montanans with pre-existing conditions.
“Tim Fox has consistently stood on the side of special interests and against Montanans. A legislative audit found that his office failed to do its job on protecting Montana consumers from deceptive businesses.
“And Fox also chose personal ambition over Montana’s ranchers and hunters, arguing against access to hunting and recreational opportunities. In the 2016 governor’s race and the 2018 senate race, candidates with a record of opposing access to public lands were soundly defeated. Tim Fox would follow in the same failed tradition of anti-public lands candidates.
“As attorney general, Tim Fox has been the fox guarding the henhouse, and his agenda as governor would be more of the same.”