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DGA Statement on Mike Parson’s Decision To Run For Reelection

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Today, Democratic Governors Association Executive Director Noam Lee released the following statement regarding Missouri Gov. Mike Parson’s decision to run for reelection:
“Mike Parson took an oath to serve the people of Missouri—yet he’s only willing to serve the special interests. Parson’s big-donor buddies are rewarded with government contracts fattening their profits all while Missourians are left behind. Under Parson’s watch, 94,000 children lost health care and schools are so underfunded some can only operate for four days a week. Parson stood in the way of over 200,000 Missourians gaining coverage through Medicaid expansion and is putting nearly a quarter of the state’s rural hospitals on the brink of closing. 
Missourians deserve better than a governor whose sole accomplishment is that he isn’t Eric Greitens. We look forward to holding career politician Parson to account for putting himself and his special interest friends ahead of Missouri.” 
The DGA is launching a new website,, to educate voters about Parson’s career of failed leadership. The website will act as a digital clearinghouse for Missourians to learn about Parson’s record of giving handouts to the ultra wealthy, cutting education, and blocking access to health care.