DGA Statement on Mike DeWine’s Nomination in Ohio

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Tonight, DGA Executive Director Elisabeth Pearson released the following statement on Mike DeWine’s nomination in Ohio: 
“Mike DeWine is a card-carrying member of the DC and Columbus swamp,” said Pearson. “In his 42 years in office, he’s shown that he’ll happily sell out Ohio middle-class families to benefit special interest donors and corrupt politicians.
“DeWine ran a divisive Republican primary campaign, focusing on fealty to Donald Trump and putting him way outside of mainstream Ohio. DeWine used his office to crusade against a woman’s right to choose, to benefit political cronies in pay-to play scandals and to cater to the far-right wing of the Republican Party. And, Mike DeWine would halt John Kasich’s Medicaid expansion, leading to higher premiums and health care losses for hundreds of thousands of Ohioans. 
“Mike DeWine represents everything voters are currently rejecting, and Ohioans will send him into retirement in November.”