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DGA Statement on Mary Mayhew’s Likely Gubernatorial Run

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 LePage Clone Mayhew Spearheaded Effort to Block Medicaid Expansion in Maine

DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold released the following statement on Mary Mayhew’s resignation from Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services and future gubernatorial aspirations:

“A Mary Mayhew administration would be a continuation of the disastrous LePage agenda. As she angles for a run at the governorship, Maine voters should remember that Mayhew was instrumental in blocking Medicaid expansion that would have provided treatment of opioid addiction for thousands of Mainers. Mary Mayhew led the charge to send Mainers tax dollars to other states instead of funding opioid treatment at home. Maine needs a governor who prioritizes quality health care over their own extreme political ideology.”



Maine Public Radio: Mary Mayhew’s Resignation Fuels Speculation About Governor’s Race

By Mal Leary 


State Health and Human Services Commissioner Mary Mayhew resigned from office Wednesday, effective Friday. Mayhew has served in that position since the first weeks of the LePage administration. The announcement is spurring speculation about her political future.

The announcement of Mayhew’s departure first came in a statement from the governor praising her tenure as commissioner. LePage says she has been a leader in reforming welfare programs and bringing spending under control at DHHS. He did not address the timing of the move, which comes as his latest welfare reform bill was just introduced to the Legislature.

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