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DGA Statement On Louisiana Jungle Primary Election Results

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DGA Executive Director Noam Lee issued the following statement regarding Gov. Edwards and Eddie Rispone advancing to the November runoff:
“Congratulations to Gov. John Bel Edwards for decisively winning the primary. Gov. Edwards turned Bobby Jindal’s $2 billion deficit into a surplus, gave teachers their first pay raise in a decade, and provided health care to 450,000 working Louisianans. Because of Edwards’ leadership, Louisiana’s unemployment rate is the lowest in a decade. Gov. Edwards signed bipartisan criminal justice reform into law and it’s saving the state money and reducing crime. He has earned four more years to build on the progress he has made in his first term.
Louisiana voters will reject Eddie Rispone because he only cares about helping one person: himself. Phony Eddie Rispone isn’t new to politics—he’s been a prolific donor focused on enriching himself and his cronies for decades. Now he’s running for governor to make millionaires like himself richer at the expense of Louisiana families. Rispone would take Louisiana back to the Jindal days of record deficits and drastic cuts to higher education and health care. Rispone has taken millions in government handouts and was even sued for failing to pay his employees. We know Louisiana voters will hold Rispone accountable for his out-of-touch positions in this runoff.”