DGA Statement on Kevin Nicholson’s Entrance to the Wisconsin GOP Primary for Governor

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Today, failed Republican Senate candidate Kevin Nicholson announced his candidacy for governor of Wisconsin.

Democratic Governors Association Executive Director Noam Lee released the following statement:

“Kevin Nicholson wants to slash programs for Wisconsin working families while giving handouts to his wealthy friends. Nicholson supported the GOP’s disastrous tax cuts for the rich and big corporations — meanwhile, he backed efforts to strip health care coverage from hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites and went on the attack against Social Security.

“Nicholson is an extremist who has supported bans on abortion that provide no exceptions, even if the mother’s life is in danger. He has already signaled a divisive primary ahead, attacking Rebecca Kleefisch’s proposals for being ‘dumb as a bag of hammers.’ Nicholson’s entrance to the GOP primary will trigger a brutal, expensive race to the right where candidates duke it out over who’s most out-of-touch with Wisconsin values.”