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DGA Statement on Kentucky Gubernatorial Race

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Democratic Governors Association Deputy Communications Director David Turner released the following statement regarding Kentucky’s gubernatorial race, following Matt Bevin’s last-minute announcement today:
“In 2015, Gov. Matt Bevin praised Lt. Gov. Jeanean Hampton as a ‘historic’ leader with the right experience and partner in his government. Now, his administration is in chaos as he unceremoniously kicks her off the ticket.
“This is a panicked move from an unpopular politician. It underscores that Bevin knows he’s in trouble for re-election. As one of the country’s most unpopular governors and facing a strong primary challenge, he already had an uphill climb. Now he contends with an angry Republican base that lobbied to keep Hampton on the ticket.
“Today’s announcement is a loud signal of an administration in crisis and at war with its own party. Corruption and dysfunction have been the hallmark of Bevin’s tenure, and Kentucky voters are sick of it. Democrats are on offense in Kentucky, with candidates who will bring real change from the failed Bevin era.”