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DGA Statement on Kari Lake’s Entrance to Arizona’s Crowded Republican Gubernatorial Primary

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Today, Kari Lake announced her candidacy for the Republican nomination for governor of Arizona.

Democratic Governors Association Executive Director Noam Lee released the following statement:

“Kari Lake is a failed journalist and far-right conspiracy theorist who is unfit to govern the state of Arizona. She has publicly embraced fringe politics and supports the Arizona Senate’s baseless audit of former President Donald Trump’s loss in the state. When she’s not spreading Trump’s ‘Big Lie,’ Lake peddles far-right propaganda about border security and mask-wearing. She’s proven time and again that she’s loyal to Trump, not the hardworking people of Arizona.

“Lake’s journalism career has been stained by conspiracies and smear campaigns, including attacking teachers and tweeting a COVID-19 conspiracy video. If the people of Arizona can’t trust her to tell the truth as a journalist, Lake certainly can’t be trusted to govern the state.

“Lake’s fringe candidacy is yet another example of Gov. Doug Ducey’s poor performance as chair of the Republican Governors Association. After colossal recruitment failures in Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, Ducey can’t even recruit a viable candidate to replace him in Arizona.

“Kari Lake failed as a journalist, Ducey has failed at recruitment, and the GOP is once again failing Arizonans. The GOP primary is guaranteed to be a messy race, with extremists like Lake pushing candidates further to the right. As Arizona emerges from the hardship of the past year, the people need strong, trustworthy leadership, and Kari Lake is not the answer.”