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DGA Statement on Jim Justice Announcement

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Today, the DGA released the following statement regarding West Virginia Governor Jim Justice: 
“Jim Justice deceived the voters of West Virginia when he ran as a Democrat 8 months ago,” said DGA Executive Director Elisabeth Pearson. “West Virginians have learned that they simply can’t trust Jim Justice. He will always put his financial interests above the needs of West Virginians.
“As Republicans have repeatedly said, Jim Justice owes millions of dollars in unpaid company taxes, after a deal with a Russian coal company. The debts have only worsened during Justice’s term as governor. If President Trump cut a deal, we hope it does not put U.S. taxpayers on the hook to bail out Jim Justice’s personal finances.”


NPR Headline: Billionaire Gubernatorial Candidate Owes $15 Million In Taxes And Fines [NPR, 10/7/16]
“Perhaps he has cash flow problems, especially given the difficulties in the coal industry and the expense of keeping the Greenbrier open and operating.” [Hoppy Kerchival, 7/17/17]

  • “At times, he said, bill payments from The Greenbrier and his other companies are late for a variety of reasons. Cash flow is sometimes a problem, Justice admitted.” [WV Metro News, 4/20/16]

WV Metro News Headline: Governor Justice says tight relationship with Trump will pay off [WV Metro News, 7/27/17]
“Last February, Justice bought back some coal mines that he’d sold to Russian company Mechel OAO for a reported $4 billion in 2009. Justice said he bought the mines back because Mechel wasn’t paying him either.” [Mountain Messenger, 10/25/15]
“Since mid-March, state Tax Department officials have filed four new liens in Kanawha County that cite nearly $1 million in taxes, interest and penalties that haven’t been paid by Tams Management Inc., one of the Justice family companies. The liens are mostly for unpaid coal severance taxes, which fund several state and local government programs, but also for unpaid reclamation taxes, which fund the state’s efforts to clean up abandoned coal mine sites.” [Charleston Gazette-Mail, 7/13/17]

  • “Last year when he completed a $5 million buyback of Mechel Bluestone Inc. from Russian company Mechel OAO, there were outstanding delinquent taxes of $2.5 million each to McDowell and Wyoming counties. [AP, 1/27/17]

“Tax liens show Gov. Jim Justice’s coal companies still owe cash-strapped West Virginia $4.4 million in unpaid state taxes due at least a year ago.” [AP, 2/21/17]
“Republican gubernatorial nominee Bill Cole is seizing on two new liens that have been filed against Jim Justice’s Greenbrier resort as the latest example of the Democratic nominee for governor not paying his bills. On Tuesday, Justice’s campaign responded to the Republicans’ release of the nearly $750,000 in unpaid bills for cleanup services following the deadly flooding in June by saying that it was up to the resort’s insurance company to pay the bill.” [Gazette-Mail, 11/1/16]
“The ethical problems of this administration will soon become obvious.”  [WV GOP, 7/12/17]
“Jim Justice owes hundreds of thousands in back taxes to the federal government.” [RGA, 9/12/17]
“Jim Justice has repeatedly chosen to ignore unpaid bills or taxes, and instead stick small businesses or taxpayers with the check.” [RGA, 1/12/16]
“Jim Justice’s trail of delinquency proves he is only for himself” [RGA, 6/2/16]
“Jim Justice is still a deadbeat. … He claimed he’d pay his taxes. He hasn’t.” [WV GOP, 2/21/17]
“Jim Justice has routinely failed to pay his taxes, fines and bills, hurting West Virginians.” [RGA, 6/23/16]
“An irresponsible businessman.” [RGA, 9/12/16]
“A selfish businessman who consistently puts his interests before anyone else’s, especially taxpayers.” [RGA, 11/10/15]
“West Virginia Democrat Jim Justice claimed at Tuesday night’s gubernatorial debate that he does not have enough money available to pay the $15 million in back taxes and fines he owes,” [RGA, 10/13/16]
“Jim Justice embarrasses our state every single day,” [WV GOP, 7/13/17]
“There are no handshake agreements you can make with a dishonest player like this Governor.” [WV GOP, 7/12/17]
“Jim Justice just can’t seem to keep his word.” [RGA, 5/9/16]
WV Senate President Carmichael: “The people of West Virginia deserve better. I don’t believe anybody who owes this state $4.5 million in unpaid taxes is in a position to tell a legislative body that has responsibly managed its own budget for decades – and has given back several million dollars to the state’s General Revenue Fund – how to spend a single penny.” [WOWK, 7/26/17]