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DGA Statement On Jim Hood’s Primary Victory In Mississippi

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Today, Democratic Governors Association Chair Gina Raimondo released the following statement on the results from Mississippi’s Democratic primary election for governor:
“Congratulations to Attorney General Jim Hood for winning the Democratic nomination for governor in Mississippi. Jim has spent his career fighting for working people against powerful special interests and that’s exactly how he’ll govern. As Attorney General, Jim provided Mississippi families relief who were impacted after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and protected consumers from fraud. Jim is running to expand health care to over 300,000 working Mississippians and to keep the state’s rural hospitals open. Jim will finally cut the tax on groceries so hardworking families can put food on the table. Mississippi will be a major pickup opportunity for the DGA and Jim Hood is the right candidate to grow an economy that benefits all Mississippians and to win the Magnolia State.”