DGA Statement on JB Pritzker’s Victory in Illinois

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Tonight, DGA Chairman Jay Inslee released the following statement on JB Pritzker’s primary victory in Illinois:
“Congratulations to JB Pritzker for becoming the Democratic nominee for governor of Illinois,” said Gov. Inslee. “JB Pritzker will bring real change to Illinois by creating jobs, expanding quality health care and investing in education. JB Pritzker will stand up to President Trump when Washington, D.C. policies hurt Illinoisans.
“JB Pritzker has served his community as a national advocate for early childhood education and started a non-profit business incubator to bring tech jobs to Illinois. JB Pritzker will bring people together and deliver much-needed change for Illinois.
“With a strong candidate like JB Pritzker, Illinois is a top pickup opportunity for Democrats in the fall. The DGA looks forward to working to elect JB Pritzker to serve as Illinois’ next governor.”