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DGA Statement on James Craig’s “Entrance” Into Michigan GOP Primary

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After being shadily handpicked by insiders, spending months dodging questions, and even hosting a bizarre press conference where reporters were locked outside the room, James Craig is finally coming clean about the fact he signed paperwork over a month ago to enter Michigan’s GOP primary for governor.

Democratic Governors Association Executive Director Noam Lee released the following statement:

“Despite best efforts from the political insiders trying to put their thumb on the scale, James Craig finally admitting he’s an official candidate does nothing to answer the questions he’s been dodging or change the fact he’s set for a bruising and crowded primary. 

“It’s been months since Craig launched a sham exploratory committee, and he still won’t answer basic questions about the legitimacy of our elections, and has no answers for how he’ll grow the economy, differ from Betsy DeVos on public education, or improve Michigan’s infrastructure. And just like a cynical politician, Craig is trying to run from the fact he praised Gov. Whitmer’s life-saving leadership before he was against her. 

“Meanwhile, Gov. Whitmer has continued to make life better for Michigan families by creating thousands of good-paying auto jobs, investing in public education without raising taxes, and fixing roads and bridges. While Craig flounders on nearly every issue, Gov. Whitmer is putting Michigan first.”