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DGA Statement on Indiana Governor’s Race

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DGA Statement on Indiana Governor’s Race 

Today, the Democratic Governors Association released the following statement after Donald Trump announced Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his vice presidential running mate in 2016: 

“With Mike Pence exiting the governor’s race, Democratic candidate John Gregg is in stronger position than ever to win in November,” said DGA communications director Jared Leopold. “Republicans now face an open-seat race with a candidate who is virtually unknown by Hoosier voters. Whoever emerges from the Republican committee will be hamstrung by Pence’s disastrous record. We look forward to hearing how the Republican replacement will bring any change from Pence’s failed legacy of job losses, economic stagnation and the job-killing RFRA law. 

“Mike Pence can now live out his dream of ditching Indiana for Donald Trump. Governor Pence’s economic failure and obsession with social issues has been a disaster for Indiana and will be a drag on the Trump ticket. The American people will soon learn what Hoosier voters already know: Mike Pence would rather fight culture wars than focus on the economy.”