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DGA Statement on Illinois Republican Primary

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Tonight, DGA Executive Director Elisabeth Pearson released the following statement on Bruce Rauner’s primary victory in Illinois:
“Bruce Rauner is a failed governor,” said Pearson. “And tonight’s results show that even Illinois Republicans are tired of Bruce Rauner’s failure. As governor, Bruce Rauner presided over a two-year budget impasse that drove up debt and drove jobs out of the state. Illinois is undeniably worse off under Bruce Rauner’s failed leadership — and Illinois voters know it.
“Tonight, more than 48 percent of Illinois Republicans voted against Bruce Rauner. Bruce Rauner’s incredibly weak showing means he cannot even count on his own party to support his failing re-election campaign. Hundreds of thousands of Illinois Republicans agree with millions of Illinois Democrats and Independents: It’s time for a change from Bruce Rauner.
“Bruce Rauner started the day as the nation’s most vulnerable incumbent, and somehow, he ended it in even worse shape. This race is a top pickup opportunity for Democrats in November, and we look forward to working to end the Rauner disaster in Illinois.”