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DGA Statement on Heidi Ganahl’s Entrance to Colorado Gubernatorial Race

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Today, Heidi Ganahl announced her candidacy for the Republican nomination for governor of Colorado.

Democratic Governors Association Executive Director Noam Lee released the following statement:

“Heidi Ganahl is a far-right extremist who has embraced the GOP’s most radical positions. A proud endorser of Donald Trump, Ganahl spends her time posting on the conspiracy theory-filled social media sites responsible for the January 6th insurrection and cozying up to Lauren Boebert and Jim Jordan. 

“Rather than advocating for students, Ganahl has devoted her time as a University of Colorado Regent to bringing the GOP’s extreme agenda onto campus, supporting professors with racist conspiracy theories and opposing initiatives to make college more affordable.

“Heidi Ganahl fights against policies that reduce barriers for women in the workplace, including a hugely popular paid family leave program. Ganahl also wants to make it harder for Coloradans to get health care; she opposes the Colorado health care option which will reduce premiums by an average of 15% and suggested making cuts to Medicaid.

“Under Gov. Jared Polis’ leadership, Colorado has made enormous strides forward, including reducing taxes, making historic investments in public education and expanding access to health care all while leading Colorado through the pandemic and continuing to build back the economy better. Ganahl’s brand of far-right extremism threatens to move the state backward and is unequivocally wrong for Colorado.”