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DGA Statement on Greg Gianforte’s Gubernatorial Announcement

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Today, DGA Communications Director David Turner released the following statement regarding Greg Gianforte’s announcement that he is running for governor of Montana:
“Greg Gianforte has used his time since losing in 2016 to learn the ways of Washington D.C. As the richest member of Congress, Greg Gianforte gave himself a large tax break resulting in higher health insurance premiums for Montanans. Montanans won’t forget Gianforte lobbied to create a statewide sales tax that would have raised taxes on essentials while cutting taxes for millionaires like himself. He even sued Montana to prevent public access to the East Gallatin River near his property. No wonder fellow Republicans don’t even want New Jersey transplant Greg Gianforte in this race.
“We are ready to hold Greg Gianforte accountable for his failure to stand up for Montanans in Congress and once again show Montanans how out-of-touch he would be as governor.”