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DGA Statement on Governor Kay Ivey’s Decision to Support Accused Child Predator Roy Moore

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Today, Democratic Governors Association Executive Director Elisabeth Pearson released the following statement on Alabama Governor Kay Ivey’s decision to support accused child predator Roy Moore in the Senate election:

“The voters of Alabama will remember Governor Ivey’s decision to endorse an accused child predator for public office. While Senator Richard Shelby and other Republicans broke from Roy Moore, Kay Ivey is standing by him. Governor Ivey proved today that she’ll put her political ambition above the people of Alabama. 

“The people of Alabama deserve better than their last two governors: one who resigned after a sex scandal and another who endorsed an accused sexual predator. Democrats have strong candidates for governor in 2018, and we expect to hold Kay Ivey accountable for her misplaced priorities.”

BACKGROUND: Earlier today, Ivey told the press that she would be supporting accused child predator Roy Moore because “most important, we need to have a Republican in the United States Senate.”