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DGA Statement on Governor-Elect Tony Evers’ Victory in Wisconsin

DGA Chair Governor Jay Inslee (D-WA) issued the following statement on Governor-Elect Tony Evers’ victory in Wisconsin’s gubernatorial race:

“To borrow one of Tony Evers’ favorite phrases: Holy mackerel! Tonight, a science teacher from Baraboo knocked off one of the best-funded governors in America. This is a huge win for Wisconsin and for Democrats. It sent a clear message that Wisconsin is ready for a governor who’ll put schools, middle-class families and health care first.

“As a lifelong educator, Tony has always prioritized Wisconsin’s children, and he will continue to do so as Governor. Evers will bring people together to make the needed investments in Wisconsin’s future: its schools, roads, health care, and economy.

“This is a major pickup for Democrats that will have implications for years to come. Wisconsin was one of our top targets in our ‘Unrig the Map’ program. Thanks to Tony’s victory tonight, gerrymandering’s stranglehold on Wisconsin has ended for the next decade. The people of Wisconsin will again be able to select their politicians, instead of the other way around.”

The DGA and its allies were proud to invest $11 million to advocate for policy change in Wisconsin.