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DGA Statement on Governor-Elect Gavin Newsom’s Victory in California

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DGA Chair Governor Jay Inslee (D-WA) issued the following statement on Governor-Elect Gavin Newsom’s victory in California’s gubernatorial race:
“Congratulations to Governor-Elect Gavin Newsom on his well-deserved victory in California. Gavin’s bold vision will drive California forward, as he builds an inclusive economy that will create opportunity for all California families. He will continue to lead California forward, following on a successful eight years of leadership by Jerry Brown.
“I look forward to working with Gavin as Western governors show a different path forward in the Donald Trump era. I know that Governor-Elect Newsom will be a strong leader on standing up to the Trump Administration’s dangerous agenda, protecting our environment and natural resources, and supporting working families. We’re honored to welcome him as the next Democratic governor of California.”