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DGA Statement on Government Shutdown

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Democratic Governors Association Chair Governor Gina Raimondo (RI) and Vice-Chair Governor Phil Murphy (NJ) released the following statement on the government shutdown’s impact on states:

“President Trump and Washington Republicans are putting states’ economies at risk with their reckless political games in Washington, D.C.,” said Gov. Raimondo. “Hundreds of thousands of hard-working Americans will be without a paycheck during the holidays, simply because the President and Congressional Republicans want to score political points with the far right. This is exactly why Americans are sick and tired of Washington, and looking to the states for leadership amid Donald Trump’s chaos.”
“Businesses and workers need predictability to succeed, and all that Donald Trump has offered is more chaos,” said Gov. Murphy. “Thousands of New Jersey residents will face significant economic challenges this holiday season, simply because Donald Trump wants to divide Americans. This November, voters chose Democratic governors and a Democratic Congress, because they want to get things done. It’s time for President Trump to get the message and end this needless shutdown.”