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DGA Statement on GOP Power Grabs

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Today, Democratic Governors Association Chair Governor Gina Raimondo (RI) released the following statement on the attempts by Republican lawmakers to restrict elected Democratic governors in Wisconsin and Michigan.
“Changing the rules when you don’t like the outcome is a move befitting a playground bully, not elected leaders in the world’s greatest democracy. Yet unfortunately, that’s exactly what we’re seeing lame-duck Republicans attempt in Wisconsin and Michigan.
“Governors-elect Gretchen Whitmer and Tony Evers both won elections to serve as governor. Yet, Republican legislators are contradicting the will of the voters and attempting to undo the election results. That is a dangerous assault on our democracy.
“It’s time for Republican governors to join Democrats in condemning these attempts to weaken the office of the governor. This is a threat to checks-and-balances in state government, and every governor should speak up regardless of party.”