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DGA Statement on First Virginia Gubernatorial Debate

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Following the first gubernatorial debate in Virginia, DGA Political Director Marshall Cohen released the following statement:

“There’s no question who won tonight’s debate. Terry McAuliffe’s outstanding performance and his vision to create good jobs and build a stronger Virginia makes it clear he is the right choice to lead as governor.

“The difference between the two candidates on the debate stage tonight couldn’t be more apparent. Terry McAuliffe presented his plan of action to end the pandemic by getting as many Virginians as possible vaccinated, while Glenn Youngkin struggled to answer why he’s standing in the way of Virginia’s economic recovery by promoting anti-vaccine rhetoric.

“Virginians are eager to move forward and recover from the pandemic stronger than before. Tonight, Terry McAuliffe once again demonstrated to voters why he’s the candidate to lead Virginia on the path to economic success following the pandemic.”