DGA Statement on Doug Mastriano’s Entrance to PA GOP Primary

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Today, state Rep. Doug Mastriano officially announced his candidacy in the crowded Pennsylvania GOP primary for governor. A recent PPP poll found Mastriano would be an immediate leader of the crowded field of extremist candidates.

Democratic Governors Association Executive Director Noam Lee released the following statement:

“Pennsylvania’s GOP primary is crowded with far-right extremists, and Doug Mastriano is the latest to join the mess. Since busing insurrectionists to the Capitol on January 6th, Mastriano is running on dangerous conspiracy theories, support for a sham election audit, and diehard loyalty to Trump — no matter how much it hurts Pennsylvania families. 

“Instead of focusing on growing the economy, improving education, and protecting reproductive rights, Mastriano’s harmful views will only push the Republican primary even further to the right — and whoever survives will be too out-of-touch for Pennsylvanians.”