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DGA Statement on Doug Mastriano Winning the Pennsylvania GOP Primary for Governor

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DGA Executive Director Noam Lee released the following statement on Doug Mastriano winning the GOP primary for governor of Pennsylvania:

“Instead of focusing on kitchen-table issues like strengthening the economy and investing in education, Doug Mastriano is an extremist running on a dangerous agenda that would devastate Pennsylvania families. He led the charge to overturn Pennsylvania’s 2020 election results, bused people to the deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol, and has even been subpoenaed by the bipartisan January 6th committee. Now, Mastriano is pushing a backward agenda to attack fundamental rights by planning to gut voting rights, undermine workers’ rights, and ban abortion without exceptions for rape or incest.

“While that extremism may have helped him in this crowded and nasty GOP primary, it will make him completely unelectable in the general election.”