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DGA Statement on David Perdue Challenging Brian Kemp for Governor of Georgia

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After being encouraged by Donald Trump for months, David Perdue finally announced that he will challenge Brian Kemp and run for governor, launching the state into a “scorched earth” Republican primary. Following Perdue’s announcement, DGA Executive Director Noam Lee released the following statement:

“Brian Kemp is sinking and David Perdue smells blood in the water. Now, after receiving Donald Trump’s blessing, Perdue is launching the Republican Party into a primary that will leave them bitterly divided and even more out-of-touch with Georgians.

“Even while Brian Kemp refuses to expand Medicaid and seeks to systematically disenfranchise voters, Perdue has his own long track record of failing Georgians and lining his own pockets at their expense. Georgians know Perdue for who he is: a self-dealing, grossly opportunistic failed former senator who made himself rich profiting off a global pandemic and shipping Georgia jobs overseas.

“While Republicans are engaged in a civil war fueled by Donald Trump, Democrats are already building coalitions around a positive, unified vision to expand opportunity for everyone across the state. With Stacey Abrams announcing she’s running for governor, the momentum in this race is clearly in our favor.”