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DGA Statement on Darren Bailey Becoming the Republican Nominee for Governor of Illinois

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DGA Executive Director Noam Lee released the following statement on Darren Bailey securing the Republican gubernatorial nomination in Illinois:

“Darren Bailey is a MAGA extremist who’s threatening to drag Illinois backwards. With his far-right, out-of-touch stances on critical issues from abortion to guns to COVID, a would-be Governor Darren Bailey is a danger to all Illinoisans. His endorsements from Trump cronies like Steve Bannon and Mary Miller are the icing on the cake, leaving no room for doubt that Bailey is far too conservative for Illinois. 

“Tonight’s results show that Bailey is already failing to unify Republican support behind his candidacy, a task that will only become more difficult as voters learn more about his ultra-conservative views on key issues. There is no doubt Illinois will reject him and his dangerous agenda this November.”