DGA Statement On Chris Sununu Auctioning Off His Veto of Paid Family Leave

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VIDEO: Chris Sununu: “Is this legal? I’m selling vetoes. I don’t care.”

At a Republican fundraiser in Wolfeboro on July 4, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu was featured as the auctioneer. At the event, Sununu literally auctioned off a copy of his veto of Senate Bill 1—a bill that would have enacted paid family and medical leave in New Hampshire.
DGA Communications Director David Turner released the following statement in response:
“This story proves what we already knew: Chris Sununu has sold out New Hampshire to the highest bidder at the expense of the people he was elected to represent. Sununu may not care if it’s legal to do so, but working Granite Staters are the ones dealing with the consequences of his paid family and medical leave veto. Sununu knows that forcing people to choose between taking care of their loved ones and their jobs is no laughing matter, but it frankly seems like he just doesn’t care. He owes the people of New Hampshire an apology.”