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DGA Statement on Charlie Baker’s Decision to Not Seek Reelection

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The following is a statement from DGA Executive Director Noam Lee on Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker’s decision to not seek reelection:

“Gov. Charlie Baker’s decision not to seek reelection is a huge blow to the RGA and further solidifies Donald Trump’s iron grip over the Republican party. Now, the Massachusetts Republican Party is heading into 2022 in complete disarray, and their leading candidate for governor is die-hard Trump loyalist Geoff Diehl. He would make life worse for working families by opposing affordable healthcare, reproductive rights, and the existence of Massachusetts’s minimum wage. Diehl even touts the disgraced former president’s stamp of approval — in a state he lost by 33 points.  

“While Massachusetts Republicans duke it out with each other over right-wing litmus tests and dangerous policies, Democrats are focused on the problems people face every day by fixing infrastructure and upgrading public transportation, growing the economy and creating more opportunity for all. The DGA looks forward to aggressively holding the Massachusetts GOP and their extreme candidates like Diehl accountable for their far-right positions and electing a Democratic governor in Massachusetts next year.”