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DGA Statement on Bud Pierce’s Decision to Enter Oregon Governor’s Race

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Today, failed Republican gubernatorial candidate Bud Pierce announced his candidacy in Oregon’s 2022 race for governor. Pierce lost his first bid for governor in 2016 after suggesting that well-off, educated women are not “susceptible” to violence from men. View the DGA’s video on the fallout from Pierce’s inappropriate comments here.

DGA Executive Director Noam Lee released the following statement on Pierce’s campaign announcement:

“Bud Pierce is a failed candidate whose shameful comments about women have shown he is unfit to serve in public office. And when Pierce released his idea for the state’s budget, his plans to cut jobs, reverse economic growth, and undo measures meant to reduce the harmful impacts of climate change would have had devastating consequences. In 2020, it’s more clear than ever, Oregonians need a governor who will lead them forward and continue to help the state recover from the pandemic – Pierce would take them backwards.

“Oregonians have already rejected Pierce once at the ballot box, and they’ll do it again in 2022.”