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DGA Statement on Bruce Rauner Dumping $50 Million into 2018 Reelect

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DGA Statement on Bruce Rauner Dumping $50 Million into 2018 Reelect

Rauner drops $50 million into campaign but can’t cover up his failed record in Illinois

Today, the Democratic Governors Association (DGA) released the following statement after Illinois GOP Gov. Bruce Rauner dumped $50 million into his 2018 reelection campaign:  

“$50 million could buy a lot of presents this holiday season, but it can’t buy Governor Rauner a new record,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “No amount of money can erase Governor Rauner’s failure to pass a budget, his abysmal approval rating, or the fact that he’s the most vulnerable GOP incumbent governor in America.

“Bruce Rauner has taken his eye off the ball. He’s more focused on getting elected than passing a budget or growing Illinois’ economy. Unfortunately for Governor Rauner, $50 million won’t make Illinois voters forget about his past 2 years of failure.”