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DGA Statement on Brownback's Poor Primary Showing & His Tough Race Ahead

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Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin, Chair of the Democratic Governors Association, tonight issued the following statement regarding Kansas Governor Sam Brownback’s poor showing in today’s Republican primary and the general election race ahead:
“Governor Brownback is in deep trouble. Running virtually unopposed in today’s primary, the governor struggled to get 60 percent of Kansas Republicans to vote for him. That’s because Kansans across the political spectrum understand that his ‘real live experiment’ has been an abject failure. They are demanding a change.
“Governor Brownback’s massive tax cuts for the wealthiest have dried up funding for schools, resulted in sluggish job growth, and forced a downgrade of the state’s bond rating. As the state has plunged into fiscal crisis, real pain has been inflicted on middle-class families who now face higher property taxes, utility rates, and college tuition because of his failed policies.
“Paul Davis is a leader who will work across party lines to restore fiscal stability, properly invest in schools, and provide tax relief to homeowners and small businesses. Republicans across the state have rallied around Paul’s candidacy because he is a leader guided by commonsense Kansas values and the highest standard of integrity. He will make an outstanding governor.”