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DGA Statement on Brownback Confirmation

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Today, the DGA released the following statement on Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback’s confirmation as Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom. 

“Today, Sam Brownback is finally leaving Kansas, but the Brownback nightmare is far from over. Brownback’s disastrous experiment inflicted untold damage on the state’s schools, hospitals, and infrastructure that will take years to fix. 

“While Governor Brownback is leaving, his policies will continue under Jeff Colyer’s governorship. Lt. Gov. Colyer has been the loudest cheerleader and biggest fundraiser for Sam Brownback’s disastrous governorship.

“Colyer and all the Republicans running for governor would continue the same Brownback policies that created the mess in first place. Kansas Democrats have a strong field of candidates running for governor this year, and the DGA will enthusiastically support the Democratic nominee. This November, Kansas voters will have the chance to elect a Democrat and move the state beyond Brownback once and for all.”