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DGA Statement on Brian Kemp’s State of the State Address

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DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton released the following statement in response to Gov. Brian Kemp’s State of the State address:

“Instead of outlining solutions to fix the biggest problems facing Georgia families, Brian Kemp’s speech was a laundry list of harmful, out-of-touch policies he thinks will help him survive his primary race to the far-right against David Perdue. Under Kemp, public schools in Georgia have remained underfunded and he still refuses to increase access to affordable health care and lower costs by fully expanding Medicaid. In fact, the biggest source of economic relief helping Georgians get through the disruptions of COVID-19 is the American Rescue Plan, which Kemp adamantly opposed. Thankfully, no matter how much he tries to restrict the right to vote, Georgians will make sure this is the last State of the State speech Kemp ever gives.”