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DGA Statement on Arizona GOP Primary

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Tonight, Democratic Governors Association Executive Director Elisabeth Pearson released the following statement on Governor Doug Ducey’s nomination in Arizona:
“Doug Ducey is in electoral trouble – and he knows it,” said Pearson. “Doug Ducey’s governorship has been such a disaster that the RGA has been forced to spend $9.2 million in spending – the most in any race in the country – to try to bail him out.
“Doug Ducey has spent the past four years undermining Arizona’s future. His failed tenure as governor is marred by his mismanagement of the teacher pay crisis, his blessing of the Congressional health care bill that would have ripped health care from 511,000 Arizonans, and his cozy relationship with special interest donors who are spending millions to save him.
“In response to Ducey’s wave after wave of education cuts, Arizonans marched in the streets demanding that Ducey invest in Arizona’s children and teachers. Despite his best efforts to avoid funding education, Ducey was forced to come to the table after teachers bravely went on strike.
“Despite the millions of dollars of education cuts, and one of the worst education systems in the country under his reign, Ducey claims he shouldn’t be held ‘accountable for what’s happened.’ This November, Arizonans will hold him accountable for his failed record and misplaced priorities.”
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